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Maple Story Hacks

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NX Generator v1.2

Hello , my name is Argentin and I graduated at an IT college in France. My speciality is working with C++ , 3D Studio Max , Visual Basic and Macromedia Flash Professional. I am still playing Maple Story because it is an interesting addicting game.I play for a couple a hours a day and in the rest i work on my NX Generator.I made it to v1.2 by working almost 2 years. The basic principle is that I introduce the necesary data such as Maple account , Maple password , Maple PIN and all the options you choose. You can get a Cashshop item only if you already have NX on your account and in this case you can only get a maximum of 2000 NX and a Cashshop item(of your choice).

Maple Story

Thank you and Happy Mapling !

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